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Tibetan Mala

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of tradition with our Buddhist Mala, a masterpiece inspired by the revered Tibetan malas. These malas have transcended time, acting as vehicles to cleanse karma and amass wisdom. Rooted in spirituality, Buddhist prayer beads are a treasured tool, aiding in mantra recitation, meditation, and the veneration of the divine. As you embrace this profound practice, you partake in a universal tradition akin to prayer beads in various global religions. Elevate your spiritual journey with our meticulously crafted Buddhist Mala – a bridge to ancient wisdom and a vessel for profound transformation.

  • Solid Sterling Silver Prayer Wheel
  • Sterling silver mantra bead weight 6.50 g
  • Sterling silver mantra bead measures 12 mm x 10 mm
  • Handcrafted black ebony round beads 8 mm
  • Silver spacers 6 mm
  • String cherry maroon color
Note: The color of ebony wood can vary. Most of the beads are very dark black & brown, with occasional light brown beads.
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