Handcrafted black ebony
Ebony is one of the world’s more prized hardwoods because of its deep black colour and dense wood. When polished it takes on a clear, glossy lustre that can feel like metal. These unique characteristics have clearly made ebony a premium wood that has been in high demand for centuries.
We bring all our ebony from Sulawesi island to Bali, where it is processing manually. The colour of ebony wood can vary. Most of our beads are very dark black & brown, with occasional light brown beads.
Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is the most common alloy mix found in jewellery. In our jewellery, the sterling silver standard is at least 92.5% pure silver.
Crystal beads
Our crystal beads made out of leaded glass and have a high shine. The cut of these beads is very appealing!
Jewellery wire
We use Japanese jewellery stainless steel double wire 0,38 mm from Crown Fox.
Please be aware, all of our bracelets comply with the safety standard, which means that in case of a strong bounce, the wire must be able to break the fasteners. It is necessary for emergency cases.