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Created by nature to last
Enjoy the true aesthetics of modern design, premium quality materials and the highest quality of artisan made objects that are made to last. Coming back to the roots, we are in the constant search of the best natural materials from all over the world. Created by nature to last and empowered by Atributica to become an heirloom. We always strive to find high quality materials to use for production. Only natural materials filled with powerful natural energy like precious wood, gemstones & metals and their offbeat combinations make Atributica’s jewelry so recognizable and extraordinary.

Natural high quality materials, unusual combinations, geometric shapes, sacred meanings and ancient philosophy, minimalistic design are what we use to create a unique look and irrepetible character.
Handcrafted black ebony
Ebony is one of the world’s more prized hardwoods because of its deep black colour and dense wood.
Sea Pearls
The longevity of materials is almost endless, so any Pearl Jewelry can become a heirloom.

The sacred meanings to geometric shapes and the high-quality natural gemstones give a special look and unique character to the jewelry.
Silver Sterling
Sterling silver is a high-quality alloy with 92,5% pure silver and 7,5% copper. The copper makes the silver harder and more durable, without affecting silver color.