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Fibonacci Rendzu Necklace with Mantra Bead

Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of modern aesthetics, finest materials, and the timeless wisdom inherited from ancient philosophers through our captivating Fibonacci Rendzu Necklace. As you adorn this piece, experience the synthesis of contemporary design with the profound teachings of the past. The pearl's radiant elegance symbolizes a connection to the collective wisdom of diverse humanity, flowing through generations – a treasure trove of insights that can enrich your own journey. Elevate your style and consciousness with a necklace that harmoniously weaves the threads of beauty and knowledge.

  • Solid Sterling Silver Prayer Wheel
  • Prayer Wheel weight 6.50 g
  • Prayer Wheel measures 12 mm x 10 mm
  • Sea pearls drop shape 10mm x 6 mm
  • Solid Sterling Silver Toggle
  • Handcrafted black ebony round and hexagonal beads 6 mm
  • Jewelry stainless steel wire 0,38 mm (49 string)
Natural high quality materials
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