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Fibonacci Sequence Necklace / Triple Bracelet with Skull bead

Embark on a journey through the intricate tapestry of sacred geometry with our mesmerizing Fibonacci Sequence Necklace. This piece stands as a tangible tribute to the profound wisdom bestowed upon us by ancient thinkers and philosophers. As you don this necklace, adorned with the emblematic skull symbolizing mortality, you're reminded of life's intrinsic value and the transient nature of existence. Channel the eternal flow of the Fibonacci sequence and embrace the legacy of those who paved the way for understanding the universe's hidden patterns. Elevate your consciousness and style with a necklace that resonates with the ages

Handcrafted black ebony round beads 8mm/10mm
Sterling silver skull 3 g
Sterling silver skull measures 60 mm x 40 mm
Solid Sterling Silver Toggle
Jewelry stainless steel double wire 0,38 mm (49 string)

Note: The color of ebony wood can vary. Most of the beads are very dark black & brown, with occasional light brown beads.
Natural high quality materials
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