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Rendzu Bracelet with Mantra Bead


Delicately fashioned, the Rendzu Bracelet is a harmonious union of South Sea Pearls and Black Ebony wooden beads, complemented by a sterling silver Mantra bead. The pearls, evoking purity and opulence, bestow a profound symbolism. Radiating aesthetics, elegance, and avant-garde fashion, the Rendzu bracelet has garnered a resounding following across all genders and ages.

  • Solid Sterling Silver Prayer Wheel
  • Prayer Wheel weight 6.40 g
  • Prayer Wheel measures 12 mm x 10 mm
  • Pearls drop shape 10mm x 6 mm
  • Solid Sterling Silver Toggle
  • Handcrafted black ebony round beads 6 mm
  • Jewelry stainless steel wire 0,38 mm

Note: The color of ebony wood can vary. Most of the beads are very dark black & brown, with occasional light brown beads.

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