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Independent Bracelet with black ebony wood, sea pearls and oxidized silver beads


Elevate Your Expression: Introducing the Atributica Independent Bracelet, a compelling instrument for self-discovery and individuality. Crafted with precision, the handcrafted black ebony hexagonal beads, delicate sea pearls, and oxidized sterling silver details embody your unique identity. Each element speaks volumes, announcing your noble intentions and distinct essence. Own your narrative and showcase your authenticity with this extraordinary piece.

  • Handcrafted black ebony hexagonal beads 8mm
  • Sea pearls button shape 6mm
  • Sterling silver oxidized solid nuts 4g
  • Sterling Silver oxidized
  • Toggle Jewelry stainless steel wire 0,38 mm

Note: The color of ebony wood can vary. Most of the beads are very dark black & brown, with occasional light brown beads.

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